Glass Map Asset

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The glass_map asset is part of the D3DBSP system produced by Radiant, and appears to be Infinity Ward's version of Treyarch's glasses asset. It was added on Modern Warfare 3 and remained unchanged on Ghosts.

struct G_GlassName
  char *nameStr;
  scr_string_t name;
  unsigned __int16 pieceCount;
  unsigned __int16 *pieceIndices;
struct __declspec(align(8)) G_GlassData
  G_GlassPiece *glassPieces;
  unsigned int pieceCount;
  unsigned __int16 damageToWeaken;
  unsigned __int16 damageToDestroy;
  unsigned int glassNameCount;
  G_GlassName *glassNames;
  char pad[108];
struct GlassWorld
  const char * name;
  G_GlassData *g_glassData;