Glasses Asset

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The glasses asset defines how different types of glasses around the map break, and the effects associated with that. It only exists on Black Ops 1 and 2 and changed very little. Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts have a similar glass_map asset.

struct GlassDef
  const char *name;
  int maxHealth;
  float thickness;
  float minShardSize;
  float maxShardSize;
  float shardLifeProbablility;
  int maxShards;
  Material *pristineMaterial;
  Material *crackedMaterial;
  Material *shardMaterial;
  const char *crackSound;
  const char *shatterShound;
  const char *autoShatterShound;
  FxEffectDef *crackEffect;
  FxEffectDef *shatterEffect;
struct Glass
#ifdef BO2
  unsigned int numCellIndices;
  unsigned __int16 cellIndices[6];
  GlassDef * glassDef;
  unsigned int index;
  unsigned int brushModel;
  vec3_t origin;
  vec3_t angles;
  vec3_t absmin;
  vec3_t absmax;
  bool isPlanar;
  byte outlineVecCount;
  char binormalSign;
  vec2_t * outline; 
  vec3_t outlineAxis[3];
  vec3_t outlineOrigin;
  float uvScale;
  float thickness;
struct Glasses
  const char * name;
  unsigned int numGlasses;
  Glass *glasses;
  char *workMemory;
  unsigned int workMemorySize;
  unsigned int smallAllocatorBlocks;
  unsigned int maxGroups;
  unsigned int maxShards;
  unsigned int maxPhysics;
  unsigned int shardMemorySize;
  unsigned int maxFreeCmd;
  unsigned int numSlots;
  unsigned int numVerts;
  unsigned int numIndices; // is set to (numVerts * 2) & 0xFFFFFFF0