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The surfacefx asset was added on Modern Warfare 3 and remained unchanged in Ghosts. Although the structure is simple and entirely known, the purpose of the asset itself is still relatively unknown.

struct SurfaceFX
  const char * name;
  FxEffectDef * (*surfaceEvents)[0x1F][6];

Keep in mind that surfaceEvents is simply a pointer to an array of 6 FxEffectDef pointer tables, each with a count of 0x1F. Each table contains 1 entry for each surface type. The different surface events are as follows

  • shellejects/20mm_resting
  • shellejects/ammo_case_resting
  • shellejects/pistol_resting
  • shellejects/rifle_resting
  • shellejects/saw_link_resting
  • shellejects/shotgun_resting

Source Format

There is currently no known information on the surfacefx's source format, however given it's similarity to impactfx, it is assumed the source format is similar to that. This would be a comma-seperated Excel file, located at "raw/fx/iw_surfaces.csv". The format is suspected to be