Vehicle Asset (MW2)

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The vehicle asset is a new asset on Modern Warfare 2 and has been on every Call of Duty game since except for Black Ops 1. The purpose of this asset is to declare vehicles, mostly used for killstreaks.

enum VehicleType : int
  VEH_WHEELS_4 = 0x0,
  VEH_TANK = 0x1,
  VEH_PLANE = 0x2,
  VEH_BOAT = 0x3,
enum VehicleAxleType
  VEH_AXLE_REAR = 0x1,
  VEH_AXLE_ALL = 0x2,
struct VehiclePhysDef
  int physicsEnabled;
  const char *physPresetName;
  PhysPreset *physPreset;
  const char *accelGraphName;
  VehicleAxleType steeringAxle;
  VehicleAxleType powerAxle;
  VehicleAxleType brakingAxle;
  float topSpeed;
  float reverseSpeed;
  float maxVelocity;
  float maxPitch;
  float maxRoll;
  float suspensionTravelFront;
  float suspensionTravelRear;
  float suspensionStrengthFront;
  float suspensionDampingFront;
  float suspensionStrengthRear;
  float suspensionDampingRear;
  float frictionBraking;
  float frictionCoasting;
  float frictionTopSpeed;
  float frictionSide;
  float frictionSideRear;
  float velocityDependentSlip;
  float rollStability;
  float rollResistance;
  float pitchResistance;
  float yawResistance;
  float uprightStrengthPitch;
  float uprightStrengthRoll;
  float targetAirPitch;
  float airYawTorque;
  float airPitchTorque;
  float minimumMomentumForCollision;
  float collisionLaunchForceScale;
  float wreckedMassScale;
  float wreckedBodyFriction;
  float minimumJoltForNotify;
  float slipThreshholdFront;
  float slipThreshholdRear;
  float slipFricScaleFront;
  float slipFricScaleRear;
  float slipFricRateFront;
  float slipFricRateRear;
  float slipYawTorque;
struct VehicleDef
  const char *name;
  VehicleType type;
  const char *useHintString;
  int health;
  int quadBarrel;
  float texScrollScale;
  float maxSpeed;
  float accel;
  float rotRate;
  float rotAccel;
  float maxBodyPitch;
  float maxBodyRoll;
  float fakeBodyAccelPitch;
  float fakeBodyAccelRoll;
  float fakeBodyVelPitch;
  float fakeBodyVelRoll;
  float fakeBodySideVelPitch;
  float fakeBodySidePitchStrength;
  float fakeBodyRollStrength;
  float fakeBodyPitchDampening;
  float fakeBodyRollDampening;
  float fakeBodyBoatRockingAmplitude;
  float fakeBodyBoatRockingPeriod;
  float fakeBodyBoatRockingRotationPeriod;
  float fakeBodyBoatRockingFadeoutSpeed;
  float boatBouncingMinForce;
  float boatBouncingMaxForce;
  float boatBouncingRate;
  float boatBouncingFadeinSpeed;
  float boatBouncingFadeoutSteeringAngle;
  float collisionDamage;
  float collisionSpeed;
  float killcamZDist;
  float killcamBackDist;
  float killcamUpDist;
  int playerProtected;
  int bulletDamage;
  int armorPiercingDamage;
  int grenadeDamage;
  int projectileDamage;
  int projectileSplashDamage;
  int heavyExplosiveDamage;
  VehiclePhysDef vehiclePhysics;
  float boostDuration;
  float boostRechargeTime;
  float boostAcceleration;
  float supensionTravel;
  float maxSteeringAngle;
  float steeringLerp;
  float minSteeringScale;
  float minSteeringSpeed;
  int camLookEnabled;
  float camLerp;
  float camPitchInfluence;
  float camRollInfluence;
  float camFovIncrease;
  float camFovOffset;
  float camFovSpeed;
  const char *turretWeaponName;
  WeaponVariantDef *turretWeapon;
  float turretHorizSpanLeft;
  float turretHorizSpanRight;
  float turretVertSpanUp;
  float turretVertSpanDown;
  float turretRotRate;
  snd_alias_list_name turretSpinSnd;
  snd_alias_list_name turretStopSnd;
  int trophyEnabled;
  float trophyRadius;
  float trophyInactiveRadius;
  int trophyAmmoCount;
  float trophyReloadTime;
  ScriptString trophyTags[4];
  Material *compassFriendlyIcon;
  Material *compassEnemyIcon;
  int compassIconWidth;
  int compassIconHeight;
  snd_alias_list_name lowIdleSound;
  snd_alias_list_name highIdleSound;
  snd_alias_list_name lowEngineSound;
  snd_alias_list_name highEngineSound;
  float engineSndSpeed;
  snd_alias_list_name engineStartUpSnd;
  int engineStartUpLength;
  snd_alias_list_name engineShutdownSnd;
  snd_alias_list_name engineIdleSnd;
  snd_alias_list_name engineSustainSnd;
  snd_alias_list_name engineRampUpSnd;
  int engineRampUpLength;
  snd_alias_list_name engineRampDownSnd;
  int engineRampDownLength;
  snd_alias_list_name suspensionSoftSnd;
  float suspensionSoftCompression;
  snd_alias_list_name suspensionHardSnd;
  float suspensionHardConpression;
  snd_alias_list_name collisionSnd;
  float collisionBlendSpeed;
  snd_alias_list_name speedSnd;
  float speedSndBlendSpeed;
  char *surfaceSndPrefix;
  snd_alias_list_name surfaceSounds[0x1F];
  float surfaceSndBlendSpeed;
  float slideVolume;
  float slideBlendSpeed;
  float inAirPitch;

Source Format

The vehicle source files are raw text files with no extension, located at "raw/vehicles/". They use the same format as many other assets, with each setting name and value separated by a back-slash. The first setting identifies the file, and for vehicles the identifier string is "VEHICLEFILE".