Vehicle Asset (MW3)

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The vehicle asset is a was added on Modern Warfare 2 and has been on every Call of Duty game since except for Black Ops 1. The purpose of this asset is to declare vehicles, mostly used for killstreaks.

enum VehicleAxleType
  VEH_AXLE_REAR = 0x1,
  VEH_AXLE_ALL = 0x2,
struct VehiclePhysDef 
  int physicsEnabled;
  const char *physPresetName;
  PhysPreset *physPreset;
  const char *accelGraphName;
  VehicleAxleType steeringAxle;
  VehicleAxleType powerAxle;
  VehicleAxleType brakingAxle;
  float topSpeed;
  float reverseSpeed;
  float maxVelocity;
  float maxPitch;
  float maxRoll;
  float suspensionTravelFront;
  float suspensionTravelRear;
  float suspensionStrengthFront;
  float suspensionDampingFront;
  float suspensionStrengthRear;
  float suspensionDampingRear;
  float frictionBraking;
  float frictionCoasting;
  float frictionTopSpeed;
  float frictionSide;
  float frictionSideRear;
  float velocityDependentSlip;
  float rollStability;
  float rollResistance;
  float pitchResistance;
  float yawResistance;
  float uprightStrengthPitch;
  float uprightStrengthRoll;
  float targetAirPitch;
  float airYawTorque;
  float airPitchTorque;
  float minimumMomentumForCollision;
  float collisionLaunchForceScale;
  float wreckedMassScale;
  float wreckedBodyFriction;
  float minimumJoltForNotify;
  float slipThreshholdFront;
  float slipThreshholdRear;
  float slipFricScaleFront;
  float slipFricScaleRear;
  float slipFricRateFront;
  float slipFricRateRear;
  float slipYawTorque;
enum VehicleType : int
  VEH_WHEELS_4 = 0x0,
  VEH_TANK = 0x1,
  VEH_PLANE = 0x2,
  VEH_BOAT = 0x3,
enum VehicleTurretFireType
struct VehicleDef
  const char *name;
  int type;
  const char *useHintString;
  int health;
  int quadBarrel;
  int hitClientScriptables;
  float texScrollScale;
  float topSpeed;
  float accel;
  float rotRate;
  float rotAccel;
  float maxBodyPitch;
  float maxBodyRoll;
  float fakeBodyAccelPitch;
  float fakeBodyAccelRoll;
  float fakeBodyVelPitch;
  float fakeBodyVelRoll;
  float fakeBodySideVelPitch;
  float fakeBodySidePitchStrength;
  float fakeBodyRollStrength;
  float fakeBodyPitchDampening;
  float fakeBodyRollDampening;
  float fakeBodyBoatRockingAmplitude;
  float fakeBodyBoatRockingPeriod;
  float fakeBodyBoatRockingRotationPeriod;
  float fakeBodyBoatRockingFadeoutSpeed;
  float boatBouncingMinForce;
  float boatBouncingMaxForce;
  float boatBouncingRate;
  float boatBouncingFadeinSpeed;
  float boatBouncingFadeoutSteeringAngle;
  float collisionDamage;
  float collisionSpeed;
  float killcamOffset[3];
  int playerProtected;
  int bulletDamage;
  int armorPiercingDamage;
  int grenadeDamage;
  int projectileDamage;
  int projectileSplashDamage;
  int heavyExplosiveDamage;
  VehiclePhysDef vehPhysDef;
       char unknown2[0x120];
  const char * turretWeaponName;
  WeaponCompleteDef *turretWeapon;
  float turretHorizSpanLeft;
  float turretHorizSpanRight;
  float turretVertSpanUp;
  float turretVertSpanDown;
  float turretHorizResistLeft;
  float turretHorizResistRight;
  float turretVertResistUp;
  float turretVertResistDown;
  float turretRotRate;
  VehicleTurretFireType turretFireType;
  snd_alias_list_name turretSpinSnd;
  snd_alias_list_name turretStopSnd;
  int trophyEnabled;
  float trophyRadius;
  float trophyInactiveRadius;
  int trophyAmmoCount;
  float trophyReloadTime;
  ScriptString trophyTags[4];
  FxEffectDef* trophyExplodeFx;
  FxEffectDef* trophyFlashFx;
  Material *compassFriendlyIcon;
  Material *compassEnemyIcon;
  Material *compassFriendlyAltIcon;
  Material *compassEnemyAltIcon;
  int compassIconWidth;
  int compassIconHeight;
  snd_alias_list_name idleLowSound;
  snd_alias_list_name idleHighSound;
  snd_alias_list_name engineLowSound;
  snd_alias_list_name engineHighSound;
  float engineSndSpeed;
  ScriptString audioOriginTag;
  snd_alias_list_name idleLowSndAlt;
  snd_alias_list_name idleHighSndAlt;
  snd_alias_list_name engineLowSndAlt;
  snd_alias_list_name engineHighSndAlt;
  float engineSndSpeedAlt;
  ScriptString audioOriginTagAlt;
  snd_alias_list_name turretSpinSndAlt;
  snd_alias_list_name turretStopSndAlt;
  snd_alias_list_name engineStartUpSnd;
  int engineStartUpLength;
  snd_alias_list_name engineShutdownSnd;
  snd_alias_list_name engineIdleSnd;
  snd_alias_list_name engineSustainSnd;
  snd_alias_list_name engineRampUpSnd;
  int engineRampUpLength;
  snd_alias_list_name engineRampDownSnd;
  int engineRampDownLength;
  snd_alias_list_name suspensionSoftSnd;
  float suspensionSoftCompression;
  snd_alias_list_name suspensionHardSnd;
  float suspensionHardConpression;
  snd_alias_list_name collisionSnd;
  float collisionBlendSpeed;
  snd_alias_list_name speedSnd;
  float speedSndBlendSpeed;
  const char *surfaceSndPrefix;
  snd_alias_list_name surfaceSounds[0x1F];
  float surfaceSndBlendSpeed;
  float slideVolume;
  float slideBlendSpeed;
  float inAirPitch;

Source Format

The vehicle source files are raw text files with no extension, located at "raw/vehicles/". They use the same format as many other assets, with each setting name and value separated by a back-slash. The first setting identifies the file, and for vehicles the identifier string is "VEHICLEFILE".