WeaponCamo Asset

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The weapon camo asset was added alongside the attachment and unique attachment assets.

struct WeaponCamoSet
  GfxImage *solidCamoImage;
  GfxImage *patternCamoImage;
  vec2_t patternOffset;
  float patternScale;
struct WeaponCamoMaterial
  unsigned __int16 replaceFlags;
  unsigned __int16 numBaseMaterials;
  Material **baseMaterials;
  Material **camoMaterials;
  float shaderConsts[8];
struct WeaponCamoMaterialSet
  unsigned int numMaterials;
  WeaponCamoMaterial *materials;
struct WeaponCamo
  const char *name;
  GfxImage *solidBaseImage;
  GfxImage *patternBaseImage;
  WeaponCamoSet *camoSets;
  unsigned int numCamoSets;
  WeaponCamoMaterialSet *camoMaterials;
  unsigned int numCamoMaterials;

Source Format

There is currently no known source format for the camo asset. The currently accepted one is extensionless raw text files located at "raw/camo/" that contain the setting names and new values separated by backslashes. The first entry identifies the file and for camos, "CAMOFILE" is used.