Attachment Asset (AW)

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The attachment asset was added on Modern Warfare 3 and has been on every Call of Duty since (Black Ops 2, Ghosts and Advanced Warfare). This asset saves alot of space as previously a different weapon asset was required for each combination of attachments on each weapon. Notice that Advanced Warfare has vastly simplified this asset as opposed to Ghosts.

union unknownAttachmentUnion1
  //If type 0, always ERROR
  char (*unknown1)[4]; //Use ERROR instead, not used. Go here if type is 4,5,6,9
  char * unknownString; //Go here if type isn't one of the other two qualifiers.
  char (*unknown2)[4]; //Go here if type is 7 or 8
struct unknownAttachmentDefStruct1
  char type;
  unknownAttachmentUnion1 data;
struct AttachmentDef
  const char * name;
  const char * displayName;
       char unknown1[0x10];
  XModel * * worldModel;		//2 pointers
  XModel * *gunXModel;			//2 pointers
  XModel * *reticleXModel;		//0x20 pointers
       char (*unknown2)[0x1C];
       char (*unknown3)[0x48];
       char *unknown4;			//Size = unknownCount1 << 1
       unknownAttachmentDefStruct1 *unknownStruct1;//Count = unknownCount1
       int unknownCount1;
       char unknown11[0x18];

Source Format

There is currently no known source format for the attachment asset. The currently accepted one is extensionless raw text files located at "raw/attachment/" that contain the setting names and new values seperated by backslashes. The first entry identifies the file and for attachments, "ATTACHMENTFILE" is used.