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FastFiles are the CoD engine's way of storing Zone files. FastFiles (FFs) almost always have some sort of RSA2048 signature, a zlib compression along the way, and then on later CoDs some encryption. The Zones are a library of assets. Every FF in every CoD game starts the same way...

struct DB_AuthHeader
  char magic[8];
  int version;

So by reading the version of the input FF, you can tell what system and game the FF is from.

CoD4 WaW MW2 BO1 MW3 BO2 Ghosts CoD: Online
Xbox 360 0x1 0x183 0x10D 0x1D9 0x70 0x92 0x22E n/a
Playstation 3 0x1 0x183 0x10D 0x1D9 0x70 0x92 0x22E n/a
Wii 0x1A2 0x19B n/a 0x1DD 0x6B n/a n/a n/a
PC 0x5 0x183 0x114 0x1D9 0x1 0x93 0x135 0x13C