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GPAD0 Files

These files (gpad0_mp, gpad0_cm, etc..) contain variables related to game settings (such as view region, brightness, gamma, etc. )



struct SaveHeader
  int saveVersion;
  int gameCheckSum;
  int saveCheckSum;
  int saveId;
  bool demoPlayback;
  bool splitscreen;
  int scrCheckSum[3];
  char mapName[256];
  char buildNumber[128];
  unsigned int omnvarPerGameCount;
  unsigned int omnvarPerClientCount;
  char gametype[128];
  char buildVersionSuffix[16];
  unsigned int networkProtocol;
  char screenShotName[64];
  char description[256];
  char filename[64];
  SaveType saveType;
  qtime_s time;
  int bodySize;
  unsigned int pad[6];
struct MemoryFile
  char *buffer;
  unsigned __int64 bufferSize;
  unsigned __int64 bufferSizeOriginal;
  unsigned __int64 bytesUsed;
  int segmentIndex;
  unsigned __int64 segmentStart;
  int segmentFullLen;
  bool errorOnOverflow;
  bool memoryOverflow;
  bool compress;
  void (__cdecl *archiveProc)(MemoryFile *, unsigned __int64, void *);
struct __declspec(align(128)) SaveGame
  SaveHeader header;
  MemoryFile memFile;

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