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This wiki will use code from the following pages. These pages should be thought of as #includes in that at any point in this wiki a page may reference a typename, class, or template from this page.


#if defined(IW6) || defined(SH1) //If Ghosts or AW
 short scr_string_t
 short ScriptString;

Simple enough. In a zone file, the value will be the index of the string in the ScriptString array at the beginning of the zone. In memory, you can use the following function...

 typedef const char * (__cdecl * SL_ConvertToString)(unsigned int stringValue);


This is only used by IW games to store references to sound assets. snd_alias_list_t is a sound asset header.

 union snd_alias_list_name
   char * name;
   snd_alias_list_t * asset;

If the asset is in the zone, then it is simply a pointer to the name of the sound to use. Once the asset is loaded to memory, it gets replaced with a pointer to the actual sound asset.

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