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 union DvarLimits
 	struct {
 		int stringCount;
 		const char **strings;
 	} enumeration;
 	struct {
 		int min;
 		int max;
 	} integer;
 	struct {
 		float min;
 		float max;
 	} value, vector;
 	struct {
 		unsigned __int64 min;
 		unsigned __int64 max;
 	} integer64;
 union DvarValue
 	bool enabled;
 	int integer;
 	unsigned __int64 integer64;
 	unsigned int unsignedInt;
 	float value;
 	float vector[4];
 	const char *string;
 	char color[4];
 #define DVAR_TYPE_BOOL		0
 #define DVAR_TYPE_FLOAT	1
 #define DVAR_TYPE_FLOAT_2	2
 #define DVAR_TYPE_FLOAT_3	3
 #define DVAR_TYPE_FLOAT_4	4
 #define DVAR_TYPE_INT		5
 #define DVAR_TYPE_ENUM		6
 #define DVAR_TYPE_COLOR	8
 #define DVAR_TYPE_INT64	9
 #define DVAR_TYPE_COUNT	10
 struct dvar_s
 	const char *name;
 	//The description was removed for the latest updates (TU7 and TU8 on Xbox 360)
 //	const char *description;
 	unsigned __int16 flags;
 	char type;
 	bool modified;
 	DvarValue current;
 	DvarValue latched;
 	DvarValue reset;
 	DvarLimits domain;
 	dvar_s * next;