Physical Collision Map Asset

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The physical collision map (phys_collmap) is the asset representation of what was previously known as the "physics geometry list" (PhysGeomList). This asset was added on Modern Warfare 2, and stayed for Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts, Treyarch however continues to keep this part of the XModel asset. It has yet to change on any of the CoDs it has appeared in.

struct Bounds
  float midPoint[3];
  float halfSize[3];
struct PhysMass  //NOTE: PhysMass is used in DynEntityDef's in the collision map.
  float centerOfMass[3];
  float momentsOfInertia[3];
  float productsOfInertia[3];
#pragma pack(push, 4)
struct cplane_s  //NOTE: cplane_s is used in other assets, such as collision map
  float normal[3];
  float dist;
  char type;
  char signbits;
struct cbrushside_t  //NOTE: cbrushside_t is used in other assets, such as collision map
  cplane_s *plane;
  unsigned int materialNum;
struct BrushWrapper
  float mins[3];
  float maxs[3];
  unsigned int numsides;
  cbrushside_t *sides;
  char *baseAdjacentSide;
  __int16 axialMaterialNum[2][3];
  __int16 firstAdjacentSideOffsets[2][3];
  int totalEdgeCount;
  cplane_s *planes;
#pragma pack(pop)
struct PhysGeomInfo
  BrushWrapper *brush;
  int type;
  float orientation[3][3];
  float offset[3];
  float halfLengths[3];
struct PhysCollMap
  const char * name;
  unsigned int count;
  PhysGeomInfo *geoms;
  PhysMass mass;
  Bounds bounds;