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(Field IDs)
Line 3,849: Line 3,849:
| 0x2ED
| 0x2ED
'''Vehicle Fields'''
'''Vehicle Script Fields'''
{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
! rowspan="2"|Field
! rowspan="2"|Field
! colspan="1"|MW3
! colspan="1"|MW3
! colspan="1"|Ghosts
! colspan="1"|AW
! colspan="1"|AW
! PS3 ID
! PS3 ID
! PS3 ID
! PS3 ID
| veh_speed || 0x2FF || 0x4FC
| veh_speed || 0x2FF || 0x4FC || 0x2B9
| veh_pathspeed || 0x300 || 0x4F9
| veh_pathspeed || 0x300 || 0x4F9 || 0x2B6
| veh_transmission || 0x301 || 0x4FF
| veh_transmission || 0x301 || 0x4FF || 0x2BC
| veh_pathdir || 0x302 || 0x4F8
| veh_pathdir || 0x302 || 0x4F8 || 0x2B5
| veh_pathtype || 0x303 || 0x4FA
| veh_pathtype || 0x303 || 0x4FA || 0x2B7
| veh_topspeed || 0x304 || 0x4FE
| veh_topspeed || 0x304 || 0x4FE || 0x2BB
| veh_brake || 0x305 || 0x4F2
| veh_brake || 0x305 || 0x4F2 || 0x2B0
| veh_throttle || 0x306 || 0x4FD
| veh_throttle || 0x306 || 0x4FD || 0x2BA
'''Hudelem Fields'''
'''Hudelem Fields'''
Line 3,985: Line 3,987:
| 0x140
| 0x140
'''Entity Array Fields'''
'''Vehicle Node Fields'''
{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"

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The scriptfile asset is used on Modern Warfare 3, Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare. It is Infinity Ward's attempt at protecting their game scripts from being modified. Compared to Treyarch's scriptparsetree, the scriptfile gives away less information on identifying which game script file it originated from. All unnecessary strings have been removed and file names have even been renamed as number id's.

struct ScriptFile
  const char *name;
  int compressedLen;
  int len;
  int bytecodeLen;
  const char *buffer;
  char *bytecode;

Data Section

The data section is a zlib compressed section in which the compressed size is equal to deflatedSize and it's uncompressed size is equal to inflatedSize.

This section of data is not needed during runtime. Before being executed, the linker runs through the code once and links the data and code section together so that all programs can be ran as one. It contains strings and function call info.

In order to be linked correctly, the code and data section must be read synchronously (e.g. when reading the OP_GetString opcode, the data pointer must be pointing to the string ready to be loaded). The linker does this by incrementing the data pointer each time it reads an opcode that uses it.

At the beginning of each function, the linker loads a 32 bit value, which is the length of the function in the program section. Then it loads a 16 bit value which is the function id. If the id is equal to zero, then it will load a string after it, which is the name of the function. After this, the opcodes may begin to use the data section. The opcodes that use the data section are OP_GetAnimTree, OP_GetString, OP_GetIString, OP_GetAnimation, OP_GetFarFunction, OP_EvalLevelFieldVariable, OP_EvalAnimFieldVariable, OP_EvalSelfFieldVariable, OP_EvalFieldVariable, OP_EvalLevelFieldVariableRef, OP_EvalAnimFieldVariableRef, OP_EvalSelfFieldVariableRef, OP_EvalFieldVariableRef, OP_ClearFieldVariable, OP_SetLevelFieldVariableField, OP_SetSelfFieldVariableField, all the far call opcodes, and OP_endswitch.

Code Section

The code section is the actual compiled game script code.

Operation Codes

Modern Warfare 3


#define OP_End					0
#define OP_Return				1
#define OP_GetUndefined			2
#define OP_GetZero				3
#define OP_GetByte				4
#define OP_GetAnimTree				5
#define OP_GetNegByte			6
#define OP_GetUnsignedShort		7
#define OP_GetNegUnsignedShort	8
#define OP_GetInteger			9
#define OP_GetBuiltinFunction			0xA
#define OP_GetBuiltinMethod			0xB
#define OP_GetFloat				0xC
#define OP_GetString			0xD
#define OP_GetIString			0xE
#define OP_GetVector			0xF
#define OP_GetLevelObject		0x10
#define OP_GetAnimObject		0x11
#define OP_GetSelf				0x12
#define OP_GetThisthread			0x13
#define OP_GetLevel				0x14
#define OP_GetGame				0x15
#define OP_GetAnim				0x16
#define OP_GetAnimation			0x17
#define OP_GetGameRef			0x18
#define OP_GetLocalFunction			0x19
#define OP_GetFarFunction			0x1A
#define OP_CreateLocalVariable	0x1B
#define OP_RemoveLocalVariables	0x1C
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached0		0x1D
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached1		0x1E
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached2		0x1F
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached3		0x20
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached4		0x21
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached5		0x22
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached		0x23
#define OP_EvalLocalArrayCached			0x24
#define OP_EvalArray				0x25
#define OP_EvalLocalArrayRefCached0		0x26
#define OP_EvalNewLocalArrayRefCached0       	0x27
#define OP_EvalLocalArrayRefCached		0x28
#define OP_EvalArrayRef				0x29
#define OP_ClearArray				0x2A
#define OP_EmptyArray				0x2B
#define OP_AddArray				0x2C
#define OP_GetSelfObject			0x2D
#define OP_EvalLevelFieldVariable	0x2E
#define OP_EvalAnimFieldVariable	0x2F
#define OP_EvalSelfFieldVariable	0x30
#define OP_EvalFieldVariable		0x31
#define OP_EvalLevelFieldVariableRef 	0x32
#define OP_EvalAnimFieldVariableRef		0x33
#define OP_EvalSelfFieldVariableRef		0x34
#define OP_EvalFieldVariableRef			0x35
#define OP_ClearFieldVariable			0x36
#define OP_SafeCreateVariableFieldCached	0x37
#define OP_SafeSetVariableFieldCached0		0x38
#define OP_SafeSetVariableFieldCached		0x39
#define OP_SafeSetWaittillVariableFieldCached	0x3A
#define OP_clearparams				0x3B
#define OP_checkclearparams			0x3C
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableRefCached0				0x3D
// #define OP_opcode62				0x3E	// nop
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableRefCached	0x3F
#define OP_SetLevelFieldVariableField	0x40
#define OP_SetVariableField		0x41
// #define OP_opcode66			0x42	// nop
#define OP_SetAnimFieldVariableField	0x43
#define OP_SetSelfFieldVariableField	0x44
#define OP_SetLocalVariableFieldCached0		0x45
#define OP_SetNewLocalVariableFieldCached0		0x46
#define OP_SetLocalVariableFieldCached		0x47
#define OP_ClearLocalVariableFieldCached		0x48
#define OP_ClearLocalVariableFieldCached0		0x49
#define OP_CallBuiltin0		0x4A
#define OP_CallBuiltin1		0x4B
#define OP_CallBuiltin2		0x4C
#define OP_CallBuiltin3		0x4D
#define OP_CallBuiltin4		0x4E
#define OP_CallBuiltin5		0x4F
#define OP_CallBuiltin		0x50
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod0	0x51
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod1	0x52
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod2	0x53
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod3	0x54
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod4	0x55
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod5	0x56
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod	0x57
#define OP_wait					0x58
#define OP_waittillFrameEnd		0x59
#define OP_PreScriptCall		0x5A
#define OP_ScriptLocalFunctionCall2	0x5B
#define OP_ScriptLocalFunctionCall	0x5C
#define OP_ScriptLocalMethodCall	0x5D
#define OP_ScriptLocalThreadCall			0x5E
#define OP_ScriptLocalChildThreadCall	0x5F
#define OP_ScriptLocalMethodThreadCall			0x60
#define OP_ScriptLocalMethodChildThreadCall			0x61
#define OP_ScriptFarFunctionCall2		0x62
#define OP_ScriptFarFunctionCall		0x63
#define OP_ScriptFarMethodCall	0x64
#define OP_ScriptFarThreadCall				0x65
#define OP_ScriptFarChildThreadCall		0x66
#define OP_ScriptFarMethodThreadCall			0x67
#define OP_ScriptFarMethodChildThreadCall			0x68
#define OP_ScriptFunctionCallPointer			0x69
#define OP_ScriptMethodCallPointer			0x6A
#define OP_ScriptThreadCallPointer			0x6B
 #define OP_ScriptMethodChildThreadCallPointer			0x6C
#define OP_ScriptMethodThreadCallPointer			0x6D
 #define OP_ScriptMethodChildThreadCallPointer			0x6E
 #define OP_CallBuiltinPointer			0x6F
 #define OP_CallBuiltinMethodPointer			0x70
#define OP_DecTop			0x71
#define OP_CastFieldObject			0x72
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableObjectCached			0x73
#define OP_CastBool			0x74
#define OP_BoolNot				0x75
#define OP_BoolComplement		0x76
#define OP_JumpOnFalse			0x77
#define OP_JumpOnTrue			0x78
#define OP_JumpOnFalseExpr		0x79
#define OP_JumpOnTrueExpr		0x7A
#define OP_jump				0x7B
#define OP_jumpback			0x7C
#define OP_inc				0x7D
#define OP_dec				0x7E
#define OP_bit_or			0x7F
#define OP_bit_ex_or		0x80
#define OP_bit_and			0x81
#define OP_equality			0x82
#define OP_inequality		0x83
#define OP_less				0x84
#define OP_greater			0x85
#define OP_less_equal		0x86
#define OP_greater_equal	0x87
#define OP_shift_left		0x88
#define OP_shift_right		0x89
#define OP_plus				0x8A
#define OP_minus			0x8B
#define OP_multiply			0x8C
#define OP_divide			0x8F
#define OP_mod				0x8E
#define OP_size				0x8F
#define OP_waittillmatch		0x90
#define OP_NOP				0x91
#define OP_waittill			0x92
#define OP_notify			0x93
#define OP_endon			0x94
#define OP_voidCodepos		0x95
#define OP_switch			0x96
#define OP_endswitch		0x97
#define OP_vector			0x98


#define OP_End	0x0
#define OP_Return	0x1
#define OP_GetByte	0x2
#define OP_GetNegByte	0x3
#define OP_GetUnsignedShort	0x4
#define OP_GetNegUnsignedShort	0x5
#define OP_GetInteger	0x6
#define OP_GetBuiltinFunction	0x7
#define OP_GetBuiltinMethod	0x8
#define OP_GetFloat	0x9
#define OP_GetString	0xA
#define OP_GetUndefined	0xB
#define OP_GetZero	0xC
#define OP_waittillFrameEnd		0xD
#define OP_CreateLocalVariable	0xE
#define OP_RemoveLocalVariables	0xF
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached0	0x10
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached1	0x11
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached2	0x12
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached3	0x13
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached4	0x14
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached5	0x15
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached	0x16
#define OP_EvalLocalArrayCached	0x17
#define OP_EvalArray	0x18
#define OP_EvalNewLocalArrayRefCached0	0x19
#define OP_EvalLocalArrayRefCached0	0x1A
#define OP_EvalLocalArrayRefCached	0x1B
#define OP_EvalArrayRef	0x1C
#define OP_ClearArray	0x1D
#define OP_EmptyArray	0x1E
#define OP_AddArray	0x1F
#define OP_PreScriptCall	0x20
#define OP_ScriptLocalFunctionCall2	0x21
#define OP_ScriptLocalFunctionCall	0x22
#define OP_ScriptLocalMethodCall	0x23
#define OP_ScriptLocalThreadCall	0x24
#define OP_ScriptLocalChildThreadCall	0x25
#define OP_ScriptLocalMethodThreadCall	0x26
 #define OP_ScriptLocalMethodChildThreadCall	0x27
#define OP_ScriptFarFunctionCall2	0x28
#define OP_ScriptFarFunctionCall	0x29
#define OP_ScriptFarMethodCall	0x2A
#define OP_ScriptFarThreadCall	0x2B
 #define OP_ScriptFarChildThreadCall	0x2C
#define OP_ScriptFarMethodThreadCall	0x2D
 #define OP_ScriptFarMethodChildThreadCall	0x2E
#define OP_ScriptFunctionCallPointer	0x2F
#define OP_ScriptMethodCallPointer		0x30
#define OP_ScriptThreadCallPointer		0x31
 #define OP_ScriptMethodChildThreadCallPointer					0x32
#define OP_ScriptMethodThreadCallPointer	0x33
#define OP_ScriptMethodChildThreadCallPointer	0x34
#define OP_CallBuiltinPointer	0x35
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethodPointer	0x36
#define OP_GetIString	0x37
#define OP_GetVector	0x38
#define OP_GetLevelObject	0x39
#define OP_GetAnimObject	0x3A
#define OP_GetSelf	0x3B
#define OP_GetThisthread	0x3C
#define OP_GetLevel	0x3D
#define OP_GetGame	0x3E
#define OP_GetAnim	0x3F
#define OP_GetAnimation	0x40
#define OP_GetGameRef	0x41
#define OP_inc	0x42
#define OP_dec	0x43
#define OP_bit_or	0x44
#define OP_JumpOnFalseExpr	0x45
#define OP_bit_ex_or	0x46
#define OP_bit_and	0x47
#define OP_equality	0x48
#define OP_inequality	0x49
#define OP_less	0x4A
#define OP_greater	0x4B
#define OP_JumpOnTrueExpr	0x4C
#define OP_less_equal	0x4D
#define OP_jumpback	0x4E
#define OP_NOP		0x4F
#define OP_waittill	0x50
#define OP_notify	0x51
#define OP_endon	0x52
#define OP_voidCodepos	0x53
#define OP_switch	0x54
#define OP_endswitch	0x55
#define OP_vector	0x56
#define OP_JumpOnFalse	0x57
#define OP_greater_equal	0x58
#define OP_shift_left	0x59
#define OP_shift_right	0x5A
#define OP_plus	0x5B
#define OP_jump	0x5C
#define OP_minus	0x5D
#define OP_multiply	0x5E
#define OP_divide	0x5F
#define OP_mod	0x60
#define OP_JumpOnTrue	0x61
#define OP_size	0x62
#define OP_waittillmatch	0x63
#define OP_GetLocalFunction	0x64
#define OP_GetFarFunction	0x65
#define OP_GetSelfObject	0x66
#define OP_EvalLevelFieldVariable	0x67
#define OP_EvalAnimFieldVariable	0x68
#define OP_EvalSelfFieldVariable	0x69
#define OP_EvalFieldVariable	0x6A
#define OP_EvalLevelFieldVariableRef	0x6B
#define OP_EvalAnimFieldVariableRef	0x6C
#define OP_EvalSelfFieldVariableRef	0x6D
#define OP_EvalFieldVariableRef	0x6E
#define OP_ClearFieldVariable	0x6F
#define OP_SafeCreateVariableFieldCached	0x70
#define OP_SafeSetVariableFieldCached0	0x71
#define OP_SafeSetVariableFieldCached		0x72
#define OP_SafeSetWaittillVariableFieldCached	0x73
#define OP_GetAnimTree	0x74
#define OP_clearparams	0x75
#define OP_checkclearparams				0x76
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableRefCached0	0x77
	// nop
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableRefCached	0x79
#define OP_SetLevelFieldVariableField	0x7A
#define OP_SetVariableField				0x7B
	// nop
#define OP_SetAnimFieldVariableField	0x7D
#define OP_SetSelfFieldVariableField	0x7E
#define OP_SetLocalVariableFieldCached0	0x7F
#define OP_SetNewLocalVariableFieldCached0		0x80
#define OP_SetLocalVariableFieldCached	0x81
#define OP_ClearLocalVariableFieldCached		0x82
#define OP_ClearLocalVariableFieldCached0		0x83
#define OP_CallBuiltin0	0x84
#define OP_CallBuiltin1	0x85
#define OP_CallBuiltin2	0x86
#define OP_CallBuiltin3	0x87
#define OP_CallBuiltin4	0x88
#define OP_CallBuiltin5	0x89
#define OP_CallBuiltin	0x8A
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod0	0x8B
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod1	0x8C
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod2	0x8D
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod3	0x8E
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod4	0x8F
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod5	0x90
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod	0x91
#define OP_wait		0x92
#define OP_DecTop	0x93
#define OP_CastFieldObject	0x94
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableObjectCached 0x95
#define OP_CastBool	0x96
#define OP_BoolNot	0x97
#define OP_BoolComplement 0x98


The opcodes for Ghosts do the exact same thing as the Modern Warfare 3 opcodes, only their values seem to be scrambled in some way.

#define OP_CastFieldObject			0x1D
#define OP_SetLocalVariableFieldCached	0x1E
#define OP_plus				0x1F
#define OP_RemoveLocalVariables		0x20
#define OP_EvalSelfFieldVariableRef	0x21
#define OP_ScriptFarMethodChildThreadCall	0x22
#define OP_GetGameRef			0x23
#define OP_EvalAnimFieldVariable	0x24
#define OP_EvalLevelFieldVariableRef	0x25
#define OP_GetThisthread		0x26
#define OP_greater		0x27
#define OP_waittillmatch	0x28
#define OP_shift_right		0x29
#define OP_dec			0x2A
#define OP_JumpOnTrue	0x2B
#define OP_bit_or	0x2C
#define OP_equality	0x2D
#define OP_ClearLocalVariableFieldCached0	0x2E
#define OP_notify	0x2F
#define OP_GetVector	0x30
#define OP_ScriptMethodChildThreadCallPointer	0x31
#define OP_voidCodepos	0x32
#define OP_GetByte	0x33
#define OP_ScriptFarMethodThreadCall		0x34
#define OP_SetSelfFieldVariableField	0x35
#define OP_JumpOnFalseExpr		0x36
#define OP_GetUndefined		0x37
#define OP_jumpback		0x38
#define OP_JumpOnTrueExpr	0x39
#define OP_CallBuiltin0		0x3A
#define OP_CallBuiltin1		0x3B
#define OP_CallBuiltin2		0x3C
#define OP_CallBuiltin3		0x3D
#define OP_CallBuiltin4		0x3E
#define OP_CallBuiltin5		0x3F
#define OP_CallBuiltin		0x40
#define OP_SetLocalVariableFieldCached0		0x41
#define OP_ClearFieldVariable	0x42
#define OP_GetLevel		0x43
#define OP_size			0x44
#define OP_SafeSetWaittillVariableFieldCached	0x45
#define OP_ScriptLocalThreadCall			0x46
#define OP_AddArray			0x47
#define OP_endon			0x48
#define OP_EvalFieldVariable		0x49
#define OP_shift_left			0x4A
#define OP_EvalLocalArrayRefCached0	0x4B
#define OP_Return			0x4C
#define OP_CreateLocalVariable		0x4D
#define OP_SafeSetVariableFieldCached0	0x4E
#define OP_GetBuiltinFunction		0x4F
#define OP_ScriptLocalMethodCall	0x50
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethodPointer			0x51
#define OP_ScriptLocalChildThreadCall		0x52
#define OP_GetSelfObject		0x53
#define OP_GetGame			0x54
#define OP_SetLevelFieldVariableField	0x55
#define OP_EvalArray			0x56
#define OP_GetSelf			0x57
#define OP_End				0x58
#define OP_EvalSelfFieldVariable	0x59
#define OP_less_equal			0x5A
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached0	0x5B
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached1	0x5C
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached2	0x5D
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached3	0x5E
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached4	0x5F
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached5	0x60
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableCached	0x61
#define OP_EvalNewLocalArrayRefCached0		0x62
#define OP_ScriptMethodChildThreadCallPointer		0x63
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableObjectCached		0x64
#define OP_ScriptLocalMethodThreadCall	0x65
#define OP_GetInteger		0x66
#define OP_ScriptMethodCallPointer		0x67
#define OP_checkclearparams	0x68
#define OP_SetAnimFieldVariableField	0x69
// nop
#define OP_minus  0x6B
#define OP_ScriptLocalFunctionCall2 0x6C
#define OP_GetNegUnsignedShort 0x6D
#define OP_GetNegByte		0x6E
#define OP_SafeCreateVariableFieldCached	0x6F
#define OP_greater_equal	0x70
#define OP_vector		0x71
#define OP_GetBuiltinMethod	0x72
#define OP_endswitch	0x73
#define OP_ClearArray	0x74
#define OP_DecTop	0x75
#define OP_CastBool	0x76
#define OP_EvalArrayRef	0x77
#define OP_SetNewLocalVariableFieldCached0		0x78
#define OP_GetZero			0x79
#define OP_wait				0x7A
#define OP_waittill			0x7B
#define OP_GetIString			0x7C
#define OP_ScriptFarFunctionCall	0x7D
#define OP_GetAnimObject		0x7E
#define OP_GetAnimTree			0x7F
#define OP_EvalLocalArrayCached		0x80
#define OP_mod				0x81
#define OP_ScriptFarThreadCall		0x82
#define OP_GetUnsignedShort		0x83
#define OP_clearparams		0x84
#define OP_ScriptMethodThreadCallPointer		0x85
#define OP_ScriptFunctionCallPointer		0x86
#define OP_EmptyArray		0x87
#define OP_SafeSetVariableFieldCached	0x88
// nop
#define OP_EvalFieldVariableRef		0x8A
#define OP_ScriptLocalMethodChildThreadCall	0x8B
// nop
#define OP_GetFloat			0x8D
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableRefCached	0x8E
#define OP_JumpOnFalse			0x8F
#define OP_BoolComplement		0x90
#define OP_ScriptThreadCallPointer			0x91
#define OP_ScriptFarFunctionCall2	0x92
#define OP_less				0x93
#define OP_BoolNot			0x94
#define OP_waittillFrameEnd		0x95
#define OP_GetString			0x96
#define OP_EvalLevelFieldVariable	0x97
#define OP_GetLevelObject	0x98
#define OP_inc			0x99
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod0	0x9A
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod1	0x9B
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod2	0x9C
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod3	0x9D
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod4	0x9E
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod5	0x9F
#define OP_CallBuiltinMethod	0xA0
#define OP_GetAnim		0xA1
#define OP_switch		0xA2
#define OP_SetVariableField	0xA3
#define OP_divide		0xA4
#define OP_GetLocalFunction		0xA5
#define OP_ScriptFarChildThreadCall	0xA6
#define OP_multiply			0xA7
#define OP_ClearLocalVariableFieldCached			0xA8
#define OP_EvalAnimFieldVariableRef	0xA9
#define OP_EvalLocalArrayRefCached	0xAA
#define OP_EvalLocalVariableRefCached0	0xAB
#define OP_bit_and			0xAC
#define OP_GetAnimation			0xAD
#define OP_GetFarFunction			0xAE
#define OP_CallBuiltinPointer			0xAF
#define OP_jump				0xB0
#define OP_PreScriptCall		0xB1
#define OP_ScriptFarMethodCall	0xB2
#define OP_inequality		0xB3
#define OP_ScriptLocalFunctionCall	0xB4
#define OP_bit_ex_or		0xB5

Method List

Method MW3
attach 0x8017 0x8000
attachshieldmodel 0x8018 0x8001
detach 0x8024 0x8002
detachshieldmodel 0x8025 0x8003
moveshieldmodel 0x8026 0x8004
detachall 0x8027 0x8005
getattachsize 0x8028 0x8006
getattachmodelname 0x8029 0x8007
getattachtagname 0x802a 0x8008
getattachignorecollision 0x8043 0x8009
hidepart 0x8044 0x800a
allinstances 0x8045 0x800b
hideallparts 0x8046 0x800c
showpart 0x8047 0x800d
showallparts 0x8048 0x800e
linkto 0x8049 0x800f
linktoblendtotag 0x804a 0x8010
unlink 0x804b 0x8011
islinked 0x8063 0x8012
enablelinkto 0x8064 0x8013
playerlinkto 0x8075 0x8014
playerlinktodelta 0x8076 0x8015
playerlinkweaponviewtodelta 0x8077 0x8016
playerlinktoabsolute 0x8078 0x8017
playerlinktoblend 0x8079 0x8018
playerlinkedoffsetenable 0x807a 0x8019
playerlinkedoffsetdisable 0x8094 0x801a
playerlinkedsetviewznear 0x8095 0x801b
playerlinkedsetusebaseangleforviewclamp 0x8096 0x801c
lerpviewangleclamp 0x8097 0x801d
setviewangleresistance 0x8098 0x801e
geteye 0x8099 0x801f
istouching 0x809a 0x8020
stoploopsound 0x809b 0x8021
stopsounds 0x809c 0x8022
playrumbleonentity 0x809d 0x8023
playrumblelooponentity 0x809e 0x8024
stoprumble 0x809f 0x8025
delete 0x80a0 0x8026
setmodel 0x80a1 0x8027
laseron 0x80a2 0x8028
laseroff 0x80a3 0x8029
laseraltviewon 0x80a4 0x802a
laseraltviewoff 0x80a5 0x802b
thermalvisionon 0x80a6 0x802c
thermalvisionoff 0x80a7 0x802d
thermaldrawenable 0x8023 0x82ef
thermaldrawdisable 0x8000 0x82f0
thermalvisionfofoverlayon 0x80a8 0x802e
thermalvisionfofoverlayoff 0x80a9 0x802f
autospotoverlayon 0x80aa 0x8030
autospotoverlayoff 0x80ab 0x8031
setcontents 0x80ac 0x8032
makeusable 0x80ad 0x8033
makeunusable 0x80ae 0x8034
setcursorhint 0x80c6 0x8035
sethintstring 0x80c7 0x8036
forceusehinton 0x80c8 0x8037
forceusehintoff 0x80c9 0x8038
makesoft 0x80ca 0x8039
makehard 0x80cb 0x803a
willneverchange 0x80cc 0x803b
startfiring 0x80cd 0x803c
stopfiring 0x80ce 0x803d
isfiringturret 0x80cf 0x803e
startbarrelspin 0x80d0 0x803f
stopbarrelspin 0x80d1 0x8040
getbarrelspinrate 0x80d2 0x8041
remotecontrolturret 0x80d3 0x8042
remotecontrolturretoff 0x80d4 0x8043
shootturret 0x80d5 0x8044
getturretowner 0x80d6 0x8045
setsentryowner 0x80ee 0x8046
setsentrycarrier 0x80ef 0x8047
setturretminimapvisible 0x80f0 0x8048
settargetentity 0x80f1 0x8049
snaptotargetentity 0x80f2 0x804a
cleartargetentity 0x80f3 0x804b
getturrettarget 0x80f4 0x804c
setplayerspread 0x80f5 0x804d
setaispread 0x80f6 0x804e
setsuppressiontime 0x80f7 0x804f
setconvergencetime 0x8119 0x8050
setconvergenceheightpercent 0x811a 0x8051
setturretteam 0x811b 0x8052
maketurretsolid 0x811c 0x8053
maketurretoperable 0x811d 0x8054
maketurretinoperable 0x811e 0x8055
setturretaccuracy 0x813a 0x8056
setrightarc 0x813b 0x8057
setleftarc 0x813c 0x8058
settoparc 0x813d 0x8059
setbottomarc 0x813e 0x805a
setautorotationdelay 0x813f 0x805b
setdefaultdroppitch 0x8140 0x805c
restoredefaultdroppitch 0x8141 0x805d
turretfiredisable 0x8142 0x805e
turretfireenable 0x8161 0x805f
setturretmodechangewait 0x8162 0x8060
usetriggerrequirelookat 0x8163 0x8061
getstance 0x8164 0x8062
setstance 0x8165 0x8063
itemweaponsetammo 0x8166 0x8064
getammocount 0x8167 0x8065
gettagorigin 0x8168 0x8066
gettagangles 0x8169 0x8067
shellshock 0x816a 0x8068
stunplayer 0x816b 0x8069
stopshellshock 0x816c 0x806a
fadeoutshellshock 0x816d 0x806b
setdepthoffield 0x816e 0x806c
setviewmodeldepthoffield 0x816f 0x806d
setmotionblurmovescale 0x8170 0x806e
setmotionblurturnscale 0x8190 0x806f
setmotionblurzoomscale 0x8191 0x8070
viewkick 0x8192 0x8071
localtoworldcoords 0x8193 0x8072
getentitynumber 0x8194 0x8073
getentityvelocity 0x8195 0x8074
enablegrenadetouchdamage 0x8196 0x8075
disablegrenadetouchdamage 0x8197 0x8076
enableaimassist 0x8198 0x8077
disableaimassist 0x81b7 0x8078
radiusdamage 0x81b8 0x8079
detonate 0x81b9 0x807a
damageconetrace 0x81ba 0x807b
sightconetrace 0x81bb 0x807c
settargetent 0x81bc 0x807d
settargetpos 0x81bd 0x807e
cleartarget 0x81be 0x807f
setflightmodedirect 0x81bf 0x8080
setflightmodetop 0x81c0 0x8081
getlightintensity 0x81c1 0x8082
setlightintensity 0x81c2 0x8083
isragdoll 0x81c3 0x8084
setmovespeedscale 0x81c4 0x8085
cameralinkto 0x81c5 0x8086
cameraunlink 0x81c6 0x8087
controlslinkto 0x81e3 0x8088
controlsunlink 0x81e4 0x8089
makevehiclesolidcapsule 0x81e5 0x808a
makevehiclesolidsphere 0x81e6 0x808b
remotecontrolvehicle 0x81e8 0x808d
remotecontrolvehicleoff 0x81e9 0x808e
isfiringvehicleturret 0x81ea 0x808f
drivevehicleandcontrolturret 0x81eb 0x8090
drivevehicleandcontrolturretoff 0x81ec 0x8091
getplayersetting 0x81ed 0x8092
getlocalplayerprofiledata 0x81ee 0x8093
setlocalplayerprofiledata 0x81ef 0x8094
remotecamerasoundscapeon 0x81f0 0x8095
remotecamerasoundscapeoff 0x81f1 0x8096
radarjamon 0x81f2 0x8097
radarjamoff 0x81f3 0x8098
setmotiontrackervisible 0x81f4 0x8099
getmotiontrackervisible 0x81f5 0x809a
circle 0x81f6 0x809b
getpointinbounds 0x81f7 0x809c
transfermarkstonewscriptmodel 0x81f8 0x809d
setwatersheeting 0x81f9 0x809e
setweaponhudiconoverride 0x81fa 0x809f
getweaponhudiconoverride 0x81fb 0x80a0
setempjammed 0x81fc 0x80a1
playersetexpfog 0x81fd 0x80a2
isitemunlocked 0x81fe 0x80a3
getplayerdata 0x81ff 0x80a4
setplayerdata 0x821a 0x80a5
trackerupdate N/A 0x80a6
pingplayer 0x821c 0x80a7
buttonpressed 0x821d 0x80a8
sayall 0x821e 0x80a9
sayteam 0x821f 0x80aa
showscoreboard 0x8220 0x80ab
setspawnweapon 0x8221 0x80ac
dropitem 0x8222 0x80ad
dropscavengerbag 0x8223 0x80ae
finishplayerdamage 0x823c 0x80af
suicide 0x823d 0x80b0
closeingamemenu 0x823e 0x80b1
iprintln 0x823f 0x80b2
iprintlnbold 0x8240 0x80b3
spawn 0x8241 0x80b4
setentertime 0x8242 0x80b5
cloneplayer 0x8243 0x80b6
istalking 0x8244 0x80b7
allowspectateteam 0x8245 0x80b8
getguid 0x8246 0x80b9
getxuid 0x8266 0x80ba
ishost 0x8267 0x80bb
getspectatingplayer 0x8268 0x80bc
predictstreampos 0x8269 0x80bd
updatescores 0x826a 0x80be
updatedmscores 0x826b 0x80bf
setrank 0x826c 0x80c0
setcardtitle 0x826d 0x80c1
setcardicon 0x828c 0x80c2
setcardnameplate 0x828d 0x80c3
setcarddisplayslot 0x828e 0x80c4
kc_regweaponforfxremoval 0x828f 0x80c5
laststandrevive 0x8290 0x80c6
setspectatedefaults 0x8291 0x80c7
getthirdpersoncrosshairoffset 0x8292 0x80c8
disableweaponpickup 0x8293 0x80c9
enableweaponpickup 0x8294 0x80ca
issplitscreenplayer N/A 0x80cb
issplitscreenplayerprimary N/A 0x80cc
getviewmodel 0x82b1 0x80cd
fragbuttonpressed 0x82b2 0x80ce
secondaryoffhandbuttonpressed 0x82b3 0x80cf
getcurrentweaponclipammo 0x82b4 0x80d0
setvelocity 0x82b5 0x80d1
getplayerviewheight 0x82b6 0x80d2
enablemousesteer 0x8309 0x8309
getnormalizedmovement 0x82b7 0x80d3
getnormalizedcameramovement 0x82ce 0x80d4
giveweapon 0x82cf 0x80d5
takeweapon 0x82d0 0x80d6
takeallweapons 0x82d1 0x80d7
getcurrentweapon 0x82d2 0x80d8
getcurrentprimaryweapon 0x82d3 0x80d9
getcurrentoffhand 0x82d4 0x80da
hasweapon 0x82d5 0x80db
switchtoweapon 0x82d6 0x80dc
switchtoweaponimmediate 0x82d7 0x80dd
switchtooffhand 0x82d8 0x80de
givestartammo 0x82f2 0x80df
givemaxammo 0x82f3 0x80e0
getfractionstartammo 0x82f4 0x80e1
getfractionmaxammo 0x82f5 0x80e2
isdualwielding 0x82f6 0x80e3
isreloading 0x82f7 0x80e4
isswitchingweapon 0x82f8 0x80e5
setorigin 0x82f9 0x80e6
getvelocity 0x82fa 0x80e7
setplayerangles 0x82fb 0x80e8
getplayerangles 0x82fc 0x80e9
usebuttonpressed 0x82fd 0x80ea
attackbuttonpressed 0x82fe 0x80eb
adsbuttonpressed 0x82ff 0x80ec
meleebuttonpressed 0x8300 0x80ed
playerads 0x8301 0x80ee
isonground 0x8302 0x80ef
isusingturret 0x8303 0x80f0
setviewmodel 0x8304 0x80f1
setoffhandprimaryclass 0x8305 0x80f2
getoffhandprimaryclass 0x8306 0x80f3
setoffhandsecondaryclass 0x82d9 0x80f4
getoffhandsecondaryclass 0x82da 0x80f5
beginlocationselection 0x82db 0x80f6
endlocationselection 0x82dc 0x80f7
disableweapons 0x82dd 0x80f8
enableweapons 0x82de 0x80f9
disableoffhandweapons 0x82df 0x80fa
enableoffhandweapons 0x82e0 0x80fb
disableweaponswitch 0x82e1 0x80fc
enableweaponswitch 0x82e2 0x80fd
openpopupmenu 0x82e3 0x80fe
openpopupmenunomouse 0x82e4 0x80ff
closepopupmenu 0x82e5 0x8100
openmenu 0x82e6 0x8101
closemenu 0x82e7 0x8102
freezecontrols 0x82e9 0x8104
disableusability 0x82ea 0x8105
enableusability 0x82eb 0x8106
setwhizbyspreads 0x82ec 0x8107
setwhizbyradii 0x82ed 0x8108
setreverb 0x82ee 0x8109
deactivatereverb 0x82ef 0x810a
setvolmod 0x82f0 0x810b
setchannelvolume 0x82f1 0x810c
setchannelvolumes 0x82b8 0x810d
deactivatechannelvolumes 0x82b9 0x810e
playlocalsound 0x82ba 0x810f
stoplocalsound 0x82bb 0x8110
setweaponammoclip 0x82bc 0x8111
setweaponammostock 0x82bd 0x8112
getweaponammoclip 0x82be 0x8113
getweaponammostock 0x82bf 0x8114
anyammoforweaponmodes 0x82c0 0x8115
setclientdvar 0x82c1 0x8116
setclientdvars 0x82c2 0x8117
allowads 0x82c3 0x8118
allowjump 0x82c4 0x8119
allowsprint 0x82c5 0x811a
setspreadoverride 0x82c6 0x811b
resetspreadoverride 0x82c7 0x811c
setaimspreadmovementscale 0x82c8 0x811d
setactionslot 0x82c9 0x811e
setviewkickscale 0x82ca 0x811f
getviewkickscale 0x82cb 0x8120
getweaponslistall 0x82cc 0x8121
getweaponslistprimaries 0x82cd 0x8122
getweaponslistoffhands 0x8296 0x8123
getweaponslistitems 0x8297 0x8124
getweaponslistexclusives 0x8298 0x8125
getweaponslist 0x8299 0x8126
canplayerplacesentry 0x829a 0x8127
canplayerplacetank 0x829b 0x8128
visionsetnakedforplayer 0x829c 0x8129
visionsetnightforplayer 0x829d 0x812a
visionsetmissilecamforplayer 0x829e 0x812b
visionsetthermalforplayer 0x829f 0x812c
visionsetpainforplayer 0x82a0 0x812d
setblurforplayer 0x82a1 0x812e
getplayerweaponmodel 0x82a2 0x812f
getplayerknifemodel 0x82a3 0x8130
updateplayermodelwithweapons 0x82a4 0x8131
notifyonplayercommand 0x82a5 0x8132
canmantle 0x82a6 0x8133
forcemantle 0x82a7 0x8134
ismantling 0x82a8 0x8135
playfx 0x82a9 0x8136
recoilscaleon 0x82aa 0x8137
recoilscaleoff 0x82ab 0x8138
weaponlockstart 0x82ac 0x8139
weaponlockfinalize 0x82ad 0x813a
weaponlockfree 0x82ae 0x813b
weaponlocktargettooclose 0x82af 0x813c
weaponlocknoclearance 0x826e 0x813d
visionsyncwithplayer 0x826f 0x813e
showhudsplash 0x8270 0x813f
setperk 0x8271 0x8140
hasperk 0x8272 0x8141
clearperks 0x8273 0x8142
unsetperk 0x8274 0x8143
noclip 0x8275 0x8144
ufo 0x8276 0x8145
moveto 0x8277 0x8146
movex 0x8278 0x8147
movey 0x8279 0x8148
movez 0x827A 0x8149
movegravity 0x827B 0x814A
moveslide 0x827C 0x814B
stopmoveslide 0x827D 0x814C
rotateto 0x827E 0x814D
rotatepitch 0x827F 0x814E
rotateyaw 0x8280 0x814F
rotateroll 0x8281 0x8150
addpitch 0x8282 0x8151
addyaw 0x8283 0x8152
addroll 0x8284 0x8153
vibrate 0x8285 0x8154
rotatevelocity 0x8286 0x8155
solid 0x8287 0x8156
notsolid 0x8288 0x8157
setcandamage 0x8289 0x8158
setcanradiusdamage 0x828A 0x8159
physicslaunchclient 0x828B 0x815A
physicslaunchserver 0x8247 0x815B
physicslaunchserveritem 0x8248 0x815C
clonebrushmodeltoscriptmodel 0x8249 0x815D
scriptmodelplayanim 0x824A 0x815E
scriptmodelclearanim 0x824B 0x815F
vehicle_teleport 0x824C 0x8160
attachpath 0x824D 0x8161
getattachpos 0x824E 0x8162
startpath 0x824F 0x8163
setswitchnode 0x8250 0x8164
setwaitspeed 0x8251 0x8165
vehicle_finishdamage 0x8252 0x8166
vehicle_setspeed 0x8253 0x8167
vehicle_setspeedimmediate 0x8254 0x8168
vehicle_rotateyaw 0x8255 0x8169
vehicle_getspeed 0x8256 0x816a
vehicle_getvelocity 0x8257 0x816b
vehicle_getbodyvelocity 0x8258 0x816c
vehicle_getsteering 0x8259 0x816d
vehicle_getthrottle 0x825A 0x816e
vehicle_turnengineoff 0x825B 0x816f
vehicle_turnengineon 0x825C 0x8170
getgoalspeedmph 0x825D 0x8171
setacceleration 0x825E 0x8172
setdeceleration 0x825F 0x8173
resumespeed 0x8260 0x8174
setyawspeed 0x8261 0x8175
setyawspeedbyname 0x8262 0x8176
setmaxpitchroll 0x8263 0x8177
setairresistance 0x8264 0x8178
setturningability 0x8265 0x8179
setjitterparams 0x8224 0x817a
sethoverparams 0x8225 0x817b
joltbody 0x8226 0x817c
freevehicle 0x8227 0x817d
getwheelsurface 0x8228 0x817e
getvehicleowner 0x8229 0x817f
setvehiclelookattext 0x822A 0x8180
setvehicleteam 0x822B 0x8181
setneargoalnotifydist 0x822C 0x8182
setvehgoalpos 0x822D 0x8183
setgoalyaw 0x822E 0x8184
cleargoalyaw 0x822F 0x8185
settargetyaw 0x8230 0x8186
cleartargetyaw 0x8231 0x8187
vehicle_helisetai 0x8232 0x8188
setturrettargetvec 0x8233 0x8189
setturrettargetent 0x8234 0x818a
clearturrettarget 0x8235 0x818b
vehicle_canturrettargetpoint 0x8236 0x818c
setlookatent 0x8237 0x818d
clearlookatent 0x8238 0x818e
setvehweapon 0x8239 0x818f
fireweapon 0x823A 0x8190
vehicleturretcontrolon 0x823B 0x8191
vehicleturretcontroloff 0x8200 0x8192
isturretready 0x8201 0x8193
vehicledriveto 0x8202 0x8194
vehicle_dospawn 0x8203 0x8195
vehicle_isphysveh 0x8204 0x8196
vehphys_crash 0x8205 0x8197
vehphys_launch 0x8206 0x8198
vehphys_disablecrashing 0x8207 0x8199
vehphys_enablecrashing 0x8208 0x819a
vehphys_setspeed 0x8209 0x819b
vehphys_setconveyorbelt 0x820A 0x819c
freehelicopter 0x820B 0x819D
setdamagestage 0x8002 0x82F2
settext 0x80b6 0x827d
clearalltextafterhudelem 0x80b7 0x827e
setshader 0x80b8 0x827f
settargetent 0x80b9 0x8280
cleartargetent 0x80ba 0x8281
settimer 0x80bb 0x8282
settimerup 0x80bc 0x8283
settimerstatic 0x80bd 0x8284
settenthstimer 0x80be 0x8285
settenthstimerup 0x80bf 0x8286
settenthstimerstatic 0x80c0 0x8287
setclock 0x80c1 0x8288
setclockup 0x80c2 0x8289
setvalue 0x80c3 0x828a
setwaypoint 0x80c4 0x828b
rotatingicon 0x80c5 0x828c
secondaryarrow 0x807b 0x828d
setwaypointiconoffscreenonly 0x807c 0x828e
fadeovertime 0x807d 0x828f
scaleovertime 0x807e 0x8290
moveovertime 0x807f 0x8291
reset 0x8080 0x8292
destroy 0x8081 0x8293
setpulsefx 0x8082 0x8294
setplayernamestring 0x8083 0x8295
changefontscaleovertime N/A 0x8296
fadeovertime2 0x830b N/A
scaleovertime2 0x830c N/A
moveovertime2 0x8084 N/A
getorigin 0x808E 0x82a0
useby 0x8092 0x82a4
playsound 0x8093 0x82a5
playsoundasmaster 0x806E 0x82af
playsoundtoteam 0x8003 0x82f3
playsoundtoplayer 0x8004 0x82f4
playloopsound 0x806F 0x82b0
getnormalhealth 0x8074 0x82b5
setnormalhealth 0x804C 0x82b6
show 0x804F 0x82b9
hide 0x8050 0x82ba
playerhide 0x8005 0x82f5
showtoplayer 0x8006 0x82f6
enableplayeruse 0x8007 0x82f7
disableplayeruse 0x8008 0x82f8
setscriptmoverkillcam 0x830A 0x830a
makescrambler 0x8009 0x82f9
makeportableradar 0x800A 0x82fa
maketrophysystem 0x800B 0x82fb
setmode 0x8060 0x82ca
getmode 0x8061 0x82cb
placespawnpoint 0x800C 0x82fc
setteamfortrigger 0x800D 0x82fd
clientclaimtrigger 0x800E 0x82fe
clientreleasetrigger 0x800F 0x82ff
releaseclaimedtrigger 0x8010 0x8300
isusingonlinedataoffline 0x8011 0x8301
getrestedtime 0x8012 0x8302
sendleaderboards 0x8013 0x8303
logstring 0x8020 0x82ec
isonladder 0x8014 0x8304
startragdoll 0x801E 0x82ea
getcorpseanim 0x8015 0x8305
playerforcedeathanim 0x8016 0x8306
startac130 0x8307 0x8307
stopac130 0x8308 0x8308

Function List

Function MW3
createprintchannel N/A 0x1
setprintchannel 0xe 0x2
print 0xf 0x3
println 0x10 0x4
print3d 0x11 0x5
line 0x12 0x6
precacheturret N/A 0x7
getweaponarray N/A 0x8
spawnturret 0x13 0x9
canspawnturret 0x14 0xa
assert 0x15 0xb
assertex 0x26 0xc
assertmsg 0x27 0xd
isdefined 0x28 0xe
isstring 0x29 0xf
setdvar 0x2a 0x10
setdynamicdvar 0x2b 0x11
setdvarifuninitialized 0x2c 0x12
setdevdvar 0x2d 0x13
setdevdvarifuninitialized 0x2e 0x14
getdvar 0x2f 0x15
getdvarint 0x30 0x16
getdvarfloat 0x31 0x17
getdvarvector 0x32 0x18
gettime 0x33 0x19
getentbynum 0x34 0x1a
getweaponmodel 0x35 0x1b
getweaponhidetags 0x51 0x1c
getanimlength 0x52 0x1d
animhasnotetrack 0x53 0x1e
getnotetracktimes 0x54 0x1f
spawn 0x55 0x20
spawnloopsound 0x56 0x21
bullettrace 0x57 0x22
bullettracepassed 0x58 0x23
sighttracepassed 0x74 0x24
physicstrace 0x75 0x25
physicstracenormal 0x76 0x26
playerphysicstrace 0x77 0x27
getgroundposition 0x78 0x28
getmovedelta 0x79 0x29
getangledelta 0x7a 0x2a
getnorthyaw 0x7b 0x2b
setnorthyaw 0x96 0x2c
setslowmotion 0x97 0x2d
randomint 0x98 0x2e
randomfloat 0x99 0x2f
randomintrange 0x9a 0x30
randomfloatrange 0x9b 0x31
sin 0x9c 0x32
cos 0x9d 0x33
tan 0x9e 0x34
asin 0x9f 0x35
acos 0xa0 0x36
atan 0xa1 0x37
int 0xa2 0x38
float 0xa3 0x39
abs 0xa4 0x3a
min 0xa5 0x3b
max 0xc6 0x3c
floor 0xc7 0x3d
ceil 0xc8 0x3e
exp 0xc9 0x3f
log 0xca 0x40
sqrt 0xcb 0x41
squared 0xcc 0x42
clamp 0xcd 0x43
angleclamp 0xce 0x44
angleclamp180 0xcf 0x45
vectorfromlinetopoint 0xd0 0x46
pointonsegmentnearesttopoint 0xd1 0x47
distance 0xd2 0x48
distance2d 0xd3 0x49
distancesquared 0xd4 0x4a
length 0xd5 0x4b
lengthsquared 0xd6 0x4c
closer 0xd7 0x4d
vectordot 0xd8 0x4e
vectornormalize 0xf6 0x4f
vectortoangles 0xf7 0x50
vectortoyaw 0xf8 0x51
vectorlerp 0xf9 0x52
anglestoup 0xfa 0x53
anglestoright 0xfb 0x54
anglestoforward 0xfc 0x55
combineangles 0xfd 0x56
transformmove 0xfe 0x57
issubstr 0xff 0x58
isendstr 0x100 0x59
getsubstr 0x101 0x5a
tolower 0x102 0x5b
strtok 0x103 0x5c
stricmp 0x104 0x5d
ambientplay 0x105 0x5e
ambientstop 0x125 0x5f
precachemodel 0x126 0x60
precacheshellshock 0x127 0x61
precacheitem 0x128 0x62
precacheshader 0x129 0x63
precachestring 0x12a 0x64
precachemenu 0x12b 0x65
precacherumble 0x12c 0x66
precachelocationselector 0x12d 0x67
precacheleaderboards 0x12e 0x68
precacheheadicon 0x146 0xe9
loadfx 0x12f 0x1c5
playfx 0x130 0x1c6
unknown N/A 0x69
playfxontag 0x131 0x6a
stopfxontag 0x132 0x6b
killfxontag N/A 0x6c
playloopedfx 0x133 0x6d
spawnfx 0x134 0x6e
triggerfx 0x135 0x6f
playfxontagforclients 0x136 0x70
physicsexplosionsphere 0x15a 0x71
physicsexplosioncylinder 0x15b 0x72
physicsjolt 0x15c 0x73
physicsjitter 0x15d 0x74
setexpfog 0x15e 0x75
isexplosivedamagemod 0x15f 0x76
radiusdamage 0x160 0x77
setplayerignoreradiusdamage 0x161 0x78
glassradiusdamage 0x162 0x79
earthquake 0x163 0x7a
getnumparts 0x164 0x7b
getpartname 0x182 0x7c
weaponfiretime 0x183 0x7d
weaponclipsize 0x184 0x7e
weaponisauto 0x185 0x7f
weaponissemiauto 0x186 0x80
weaponisboltaction 0x187 0x81
weaponinheritsperks 0x188 0x82
weaponburstcount 0x189 0x83
weapontype 0x18a 0x84
weaponclass 0x18b 0x85
weaponinventorytype 0x1b5 0x86
weaponstartammo 0x1b6 0x87
weaponmaxammo 0x1b7 0x88
weaponaltweaponname 0x1b8 0x89
isweaponcliponly 0x1b9 0x8a
isweapondetonationtimed 0x1ba 0x8b
weaponhasthermalscope 0x1bb 0x8c
getvehiclenode 0x1bc 0x8d
getvehiclenodearray 0x1bd 0x8e
getallvehiclenodes 0x1be 0x8f
getnumvehicles 0x1bf 0x90
precachevehicle 0x1c0 0x91
spawnvehicle 0x1c1 0x92
getarray 0x1c2 0x93
getspawnerarray 0x198 0x94
playrumbleonposition 0x199 0x95
playrumblelooponposition 0x19a 0x96
stopallrumbles 0x19b 0x97
soundexists 0x19c 0x98
openfile 0x19d 0x99
closefile 0x19e 0x9a
fprintln 0x19f 0x9b
fprintfields 0x1a0 0x9c
freadln 0x1a1 0x9d
fgetarg 0x1a2 0x9e
setminimap 0x1a3 0x9f
setthermalbodymaterial 0x1a4 0xa0
getarraykeys 0x1a5 0xa1
getfirstarraykey 0x1a6 0xa2
getnextarraykey 0x18c 0xa3
sortbydistance 0x18d 0xa4
tablelookup 0x18e 0xa5
tablelookupbyrow 0x18f 0xa6
tablelookupistring 0x190 0xa7
tablelookupistringbyrow 0x191 0xa8
tablelookuprownum 0x192 0xa9
getmissileowner 0x193 0xaa
magicbullet 0x194 0xab
getweaponflashtagname 0x195 0xac
averagepoint 0x196 0xad
averagenormal 0x197 0xae
getglass 0x1a7 0xaf
getglassarray 0x1a8 0xb0
getglassorigin 0x1a9 0xb1
isglassdestroyed 0x1aa 0xb2
destroyglass 0x1ab 0xb3
deleteglass 0x1ac 0xb4
getentchannelscount 0x1ad 0xb5
getentchannelname N/A 0xb6
objective_add 0x1af 0xb7
objective_delete 0x1b0 0xb8
objective_state 0x1b1 0xb9
objective_icon 0x1b2 0xba
objective_position 0x1b3 0xbb
objective_current 0x1b4 0xbc
objective_onentity 0x165 0xbd
objective_team 0x166 0xbe
objective_player 0x167 0xbf
objective_playerteam 0x168 0xc0
objective_playerenemyteam 0x169 0xc1
iprintln 0x16a 0xc2
iprintlnbold 0x16b 0xc3
logstring 0x16c 0xc4
getent 0x16d 0xc5
getentarray 0x16e 0xc6
spawnplane 0x16f 0xc7
spawnstruct 0x170 0xc8
spawnhelicopter 0x171 0xc9
isalive 0x172 0xca
isspawner 0x173 0xcb
createattractorent 0x174 0xcc
createattractororigin 0x175 0xcd
createrepulsorent 0x176 0xce
createrepulsororigin 0x177 0xcf
deleteattractor 0x178 0xd0
playsoundatpos 0x179 0xd1
newhudelem 0x17a 0x1c7
newclienthudelem 0x17b 0xd2
newteamhudelem 0x17c 0xd3
newdamageindicatorhudelem N/A 0xd4
resettimeout 0x17d 0xd5
precachefxteamthermal 0x17e 0xd6
isplayer 0x17f 0xd7
isplayernumber 0x180 0xd8
setsunlight 0x39 0x191
resetsunlight 0x3a 0x192
setwinningplayer 0x181 0xd9
setwinningteam 0x137 0xda
announcement 0x138 0xdb
clientannouncement 0x139 0xdc
getteamscore 0x13a 0xdd
setteamscore 0x13b 0xde
setclientnamemode 0x13c 0xdf
updateclientnames 0x13d 0xe0
getteamplayersalive 0x13e 0xe1
logprint 0x13f 0xe2
worldentnumber 0x140 0xe3
obituary 0x141 0xe4
positionwouldtelefrag 0x142 0xe5
canspawn 0x143 0xe6
getstarttime 0x144 0xe7
precachestatusicon 0x145 0xe8
precacheminimapicon 0x147 0xea
precachempanim 0x148 0xeb
restart 0x149 0xec
exitlevel 0x14a 0xed
addtestclient 0x14b 0xee
makedvarserverinfo 0x14c 0xef
setarchive 0x14d 0xf0
allclientsprint 0x14e 0xf1
clientprint 0x14f 0xf2
mapexists 0x150 0xf3
isvalidgametype 0x151 0xf4
matchend 0x152 0xf5
setplayerteamrank 0x153 0xf6
endparty 0x154 0xf7
setteamradar 0x155 0xf8
getteamradar 0x156 0xf9
setteamradarstrength 0x157 0xfa
getteamradarstrength 0x158 0xfb
getuavstrengthmin 0x159 0xfc
getuavstrengthmax 0x106 0xfd
getuavstrengthlevelneutral 0x107 0xfe
getuavstrengthlevelshowenemyfastsweep 0x108 0xff
getuavstrengthlevelshowenemydirectional 0x109 0x100
blockteamradar 0x10a 0x101
unblockteamradar 0x10b 0x102
isteamradarblocked 0x10c 0x103
getassignedteam 0x10d 0x104
setmatchdata 0x10e 0x105
getmatchdata 0x10f 0x106
sendmatchdata 0x110 0x107
clearmatchdata 0x111 0x108
setmatchdatadef 0x112 0x109
setmatchclientip 0x113 0x10a
setmatchdataid 0x114 0x10b
setclientmatchdata 0x115 0x10c
getclientmatchdata 0x116 0x10d
setclientmatchdatadef 0x117 0x10e
sendclientmatchdata 0x118 0x10f
getbuildversion 0x119 0x110
getbuildnumber 0x11a 0x111
getsystemtime 0x11b 0x112
getmatchrulesdata 0x11c 0x113
isusingmatchrulesdata 0x11d 0x114
kick 0x11e 0x115
issplitscreen 0x11f 0x116
setmapcenter 0x120 0x117
setgameendtime 0x121 0x118
visionsetnaked 0x122 0x119
visionsetnight 0x123 0x11a
visionsetmissilecam 0x124 0x11b
visionsetthermal 0xd9 0x11c
visionsetpain 0xda 0x11d
endlobby 0xdb 0x11e
ambience 0xdc 0x11f
getmapcustom 0xdd 0x120
updateskill 0xde 0x121
spawnsighttrace 0xdf 0x122
incrementcounter N/A 0x123
getcountertotal N/A 0x124

Field IDs

In Ghosts and AW, fields have been sorted alphabetically and were then enumerated. This way, fields starting with the letter a such as "alignx" have got the lowest field ids.

Client Fields

Field MW3 AW
name 0x2D1 0x2AF
sessionteam 0x2D2 0x3C1
sessionstate 0x2D3 0x3C0
maxhealth 0x2D4 0x279
score 0x2D5 0x394
deaths 0x2D6 0x112
extrascore0 0x16D
extrascore1 0x16E
killstreakcount 0x242
objective 0x2DA
statusicon 0x2D7
headicon 0x2D8 0x1E8
headiconteam 0x2D9 0x1E9
kills 0x2DB 0x240
assists 0x2DC 0x53
hasradar 0x2DD 0x1E4
isradarblocked 0x2DE 0x217
radarstrength 0x2DF 0x357
radarshowenemydirection 0x2E0 0x356
radarmode 0x2E1 0x355
enemyradarmode 0x14D
forcespectatorclient 0x2E2 0x19C
killcamentity 0x2E3 0x23E
killcamentitylookat 0x2E4 0x23F
spectatekillcam 0x3E3
archivetime 0x2E5 0x4D
psoffsettime 0x2E6 0x352
pers 0x2E7 0x311
game_extrainfo 0x1B5
playercardpatch 0x325
playercardbackground 0x324

Entity Fields

Field MW3 AW
code_classname 0x2C3 0xB1
classname 0x2C4 0xAF
origin 0x2C5 0x2EA
model 0x2C6 0x2A4
spawnflags 0x2C7 0x3DF
target 0x2C8 0x4A9
targetname 0x2C9 0x4AB
count 0x2CA
health 0x2CB 0x1EB
dmg 0x2CC 0x12A
angles 0x2CD 0x45
birthtime 0x2CE 0x81
script_linkname 0x2CF 0x39D
slidevelocity 0x2D0 0x3D0
owner 0x2ED

Vehicle Script Fields

Field MW3 Ghosts AW
veh_speed 0x2FF 0x4FC 0x2B9
veh_pathspeed 0x300 0x4F9 0x2B6
veh_transmission 0x301 0x4FF 0x2BC
veh_pathdir 0x302 0x4F8 0x2B5
veh_pathtype 0x303 0x4FA 0x2B7
veh_topspeed 0x304 0x4FE 0x2BB
veh_brake 0x305 0x4F2 0x2B0
veh_throttle 0x306 0x4FD 0x2BA

Hudelem Fields

Field MW3 AW
x 0x2E8 0x534
y 0x2E9 0x53C
z 0x2EA 0x53F
fontscale 0x2EB 0x190
font 0x2EC 0x18F
alignx 0x2ED 0x30
aligny 0x2EE 0x31
horzalign 0x2EF 0x1F8
vertalign 0x2F0 0x504
color 0x2F1 0xC9
alpha 0x2F2 0x3B
label 0x2F3 0x249
sort 0x2F4 0x3D9
foreground 0x2F5 0x19E
lowresbackground 0x2F6 0x26B
hidewhendead 0x2F7 0x1F0
hidewheninmenu 0x2F8 0x1F2
glowcolor 0x2FA 0x1C4
glowalpha 0x2FB 0x8C
archived 0x2FC 0x4C
showinkillcam 0x3C8
hidein3rdperson 0x2FD 0x1EF
positioninworld 0x333
hidewhenindemo 0x2FE
enablehudlighting 0x140

Vehicle Node Fields

Field MW3 AW
targetname 0x2C9 0x4AB
target 0x2C8 0x4A9
script_linkname 0x2CF 0x39D
script_noteworthy 0x307 0x39F
origin 0x2C5 0x2EA
angles 0x2CD 0x45
speed 0x308 0x3E7
lookahead 0x309 0x25F